Have you hear about Bali trekking and tour or Bali trekking tour to explore 6 experiences cannot miss during mount batur trekking? if not here i explain some information about 6 experiences cannot miss during mount batur trekking while you travel to Bali. You have to do it because I am sure you won’t regret if you take Mount Batur trekking or Mount Batur snrise trekking to explore 6 experiences cannot miss during mount batur trekking. Let learn more about is!

1. Experienced dark night on the volcanic rock.
This is the firs experiences of 6 experiences cannot miss during mount batur trekking while you travel to Batur volcano. Started from your hotel lobby picked up around 01: 45 am in Seminyak area and 02:30 am in Ubud area, reached the starting point at about 03;30 am the began your travel to the volcanic rock and reach the summit of Batur volcano. While you walk up to the top, there slippery volcanic rock in the dark you experiences, this is very good for who love challenging. The volcanic rock you can experiences after you done half way half.

6 experiences cannot miss during mount batur trekking

Started to experienced 6 experiences cannot miss during mount batur trekking. This picture took 100 meters before the challenging one in Batur volcano trip.

Want to explore it? prepare your self and lest gooooooo!!!!

2. Sunrise over 1,717 meter

All of visitor who come to Batur volcano want to capture the best sunrise in the world, before reaching the summit of 1,717 meter above sea level you have to walk up to about 2 hours from Toya Bungkah the secont starting point or from Pura Jati the first starting point. In this case the recommended starting point is via Toya bungkah why? because is you started from here you walk direst to the summit ot 1,717 meter above sea level. If you started from Pura Jati, you will reach the first summit, it 100 meter bellow the best veews for sunrise, 100 meter bellow summit of Toya Bungkah starting point. Wen you reach the summit, amazing morning horizon welcoming you eyes, yellow color of sky in the distance, Rinjani mountain look like small hill out side of Bali.

Sunrise of 6 experiences cannot miss during mount batur trekking

Wonderful sunrise from the top of Mount Batur, wide cloud look bellow of us, Rinjani mountain look very small just behind of Sun. Yellow color bright the world.

This is sunrise at 06;30 am, want to capture this picture? lets prepare your self and grab it!

3. Experiences the hit of natural volcanic kitchen

Have you heard about this natural volcanic kitchen in Bali? Nooo? Here the answer! Natural volcanic kitchen of volcanic steam is natural hit of volcano you may find in Batur volcano, there some places on the top of the volcano produce hot steam, here many people cook breakfast such as Banana, Egg etc.. Just waiting for 10 minute you may eat the banana of boiled egg. This only you can find in Mont Batur volcano, especially for Mount Batur volcano trekking via Toya Bungkah. The temperature of the steam is over than 100 degrees, you can’t put your breakfast such as fresh Banana and Egg by your fingers.

Volcanic kitchen

This is the hole you may put your breakfast and close by the grass, this is the one of natural hit of volcano you may experiences during your Mount Batur sunrise trekking trip.

 You must feel the hit of Mount Batur by your fingers and experiences boil your own breakfast on the volcanic steam.

4. Feeding the guard of Mount Batur

Do you know who is the guard of Mount Batur? I think if your mid is human being! Is that right?? Yes I this so, the guard of Mount Batur is Monkeys. There is over then 100 monkeys live in the main crater, usually they will come out when the visitor having breakfast, the monkeys very well, not agressive and it not dangerous for you. Note: If you have some biscuits, bread or bananas that is the favorite of food monkeys. You may feeding them and took some picture with them.

Our guide Ketut feeding monkeys

He is Ketut one of our team who feeding monkeys near by Main crater, do you love it? Lets go and prepare your self and experiences this picture.

This monkeys is normal monkeys in the jungle of Bali, brown color and has long tile, the monkeys have one king, the king very greedy so if you want feeng other monkeys you may skip the king and feed the small one. Usually you can find baby mongkeys jut born like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

5. Learning more about Batur Volcano

If you want know more  about volcano this activities is the great opportunity for all of you, you will get a lot of benefit if you come to Bali and take Mount batur trekking tour with Bali Trekking and tour. Here you may ask a lot of think about volcano, our guide will explain all of it. As a visitor and spend a lot of money for this activities you must ask a lot question to your guide, about the volcano, eruption etc.. The most  information you will get are history of mount Batur, history of villagers who live on the foot of Batur volcano, the bed disaster on 1963 and the knowledge of lava flow.

Mount Batur volcano bali

This is rim of main crater of Mount Batur volcano, beside of wonderful views offered you may know a bit about hot steam produce form the magma.

This is a bit knowledge why the area produce hot steam? It because of activities of magma in the ground of Batur volcano, why Mount Batur not eruption again? I think because every where on the top of Mount Batur have hole and produce steam, it mean the hit of volcano not stuck in the button.

6. Time to self pic during your decent

This is the best time for you to took picture or capture your journey on Mount Batur. Are you active on social media? Yes I do! This time the best opportunity to share your journey to your friends, upload on your Facebook, Instagram, Google plus etc..

self picture

He is I am Jero Susun self pic with my costumer from Australia but she is behind of me. If you want to do it. lets joint us and explore the beauty of Mount Batur!

This picture I was took during surrounding the main crater,  walk on the rim of main crater, left and right side a bit narrow but still manageable but the views truly awesome. Prepare your phone camera, poles picture or GoPro is recommended.  How you think about this experiences? Are you interest? Let go and take your phone, contact us through WattsApp @ +6281904082208 with my pleasure I will arranging your journey such as our costumer did.