7 Tips Cheap Traveling to Bali For Newbie.

Hii… Warmer greeting from Bali Trekking and Tour, I am Jero Susun will share 7 tips traveling to Bali for newbie. Traveling to Bali would be great if you know how to manage your budget and knows witch interesting places will your visit during your vacation. The factor is cost you have to maintain, you have to planned more carefully in order to save your money.

Ulun danu temple bratan lakeTo be honest, travelling to Bali with minimal budget it sounds impossible because everything in Bali expansive. But you have to know, beside the expensive price in Bali there is some think you can found cheap price in Bali such as hotel, restaurant etc.. Well, for those of you who are still “newbie”wants to go to Bali, here are the following 7 tips traveling to Bali for newbie include:

1.Postal Funds

Be sure to separate your budget for accommodation and ticketing from your budget for the purposes on your feeding, ticket foe entrance to tourist attractions or purchase gift shop. Bring cash as needed in your wallet and the rest store in your bank account and can be taken at any time using ATMS. It is also beneficial to evoke a sense of security of your self and not worrying about the money to be carried everywhere.

2. Don’t travel on holidays or weekends

The holiday season is indeed enjoyable for most tourists, but they also have to be prepared to the fact that everything becomes more expensive, no exception flight ticket, hotels and meals as well. In addition you may not be able to enjoy anything in the middle of the crowded atmosphere. Visit Bali on weekdays will be more efficient because the hotels which is cheaper than the holiday season and also the meals. If you choose a plane to Bali, try to book a ticket earlier and and on promotion ticket, beside of that you may book flight in the night, it cost is much cheaper than a flight in the morning and the afternoon

3. Find hotels at a bargain price.

If you want find a better rate of hotels, you may reach in the area of Legian, Kuta and some if Ubud, there is some hotels offers very cheap rate, especially in low season, the rate per room start from 200,000.00 IDR to 300,000.00 IDR per room per night, it can be cheaper when you book for three or four night. The facilities provided are also adequate, i.e. a single bed, Air-conditioner, Television, telephone, bath tub etc.. Before you book, you should check the information and reputation of the hotels via the internet such us TripAdvisor site, Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, Traveloka site etc…so that you can find the right hotels with cheap price.

 4. Rent a motorbike

You’ve been to Bali and can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of Bali and a wide range of tourist sites. If its location near by your hotel is not a problem because you can reach it by foot. However you cannot possibly walk right if you will to Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu temple, Jimbaran bay, mount Batur for sunrise, or Mount batur trekking, Mount Agung trekking, Ulundanu Bratan temple in one day by foot? The best way is rent a motorbike, it also far more cost effective than taking a taxi or other public transportation. When you want to rent a motorbike don’t forget to bargain price because you can just get cheaper price if rent motorbike for more than one day.

mount batur sunrise trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

5. Find a local food stalls or special backpacker

For a meal you are obliged to be careful because too often the run course can bust you wallet. Look local food stalls or special backpacker around the beach or village which usually become available for the backpacker, there you can find a low price of food and drinks.

6. Buy souvenirs in art market.

In everywhere art market definitely sell goods with cheaper price compared with modern shops as well as in Bali. Don’t be tempted to buy souvenirs on offer souvenir shops by the roadside because you can buy it at acheaper price at art market around Bali.. You can visit Sukawati, Kuta,Tanah Lot  and Kumbasari Market Art Market.

7. What if stepped on banten?

Canag sari bali

Even though this tips is not related to the budget, but for those of you who are still novices during the holidays to Bali’s. It important to know about this information. Bantam or Canang sari is something for offerings in the form of flowers, it commonly placed at the entrances and areas that are frequently traversed people. There is many question arises what if accident stepped it. Actually it does not matter if you accidentally stepped that think. If you stepped in front of the owner or keeper of a store or place of offerings were placed, simply said “sorry”. We recommend that when walking, please avoid bypassing through it, lest you instead deliberately stomp. It same as when you are visiting temples or places that are considered sacred by local people. Appreciate and follow local customs. Use a polite clothes. If you are wearing shorts, wear gloves or cloth. Some places also requires that you wear cloth gloves and senteng. Don’t walk in front of the people who were praying or photographing with flash during the ceremony. For women, don’t get into while the coming months. That our tips for you who want to Bali.