Amazing tranquility and excellent customer service


Many stories I’ve heard from my friends that Bali is nothing but heaven. The food, the culture and the people. 3 of us good friends decided to venture into climbing Mt Batur. Having heard reviews that conquering the peak brings tranquility, peace and abundance of fresh air, we decided to give it a shot. Putu our guide came to pick us at our hotel, being skeptical at first, not sure where he’ll bring us to. After 5 mins, we weren’t skeptical anymore. The hospitality he brings is truly world class. I know I might sound that I’m exaggerating but trust me, he is the friendliest guy. A trustworthy buddy.
Finally, when we conquered the peak, all the stories were true. The view was out of this world. The service he brings was also world class! 5/5 without a doubt