Hot Spring – Volcano Tour

  • Destination: Gianyar, Kintamani

Hot spring volcano tour is the best volcano day tour package in Bali Islands to enjoy visiting interest places at Ubud Art Village is a wood carving, like stone carving, has traditionally featured largely in temple and pa ace architecture with little free standing ‘sculpture’ work produced commercially., Goa Gajah Temple, the holly temple according Hindu religion, Tirta emapul the peace water palace in Bali and has a lot of story about Bali Kingdom, Coffee plantation the traditional organic plantation in Bali, Kintamani is the beautiful panorama in the island with the mount Batur volcano and their lake and the last is Natural Hot Spring Toyabungkah is a beautiful and unique natural hot spring in Bali. It’s the only one healing spa in Bali,iand then back to hotel. Below the itinerary for the tour

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Ubud Art Village

ubud art markwt

Ubud village is the center of the village of the arts in Bali, there are currently a lot of wood carving, stone carving, as has traditionally shown mostly in the temple and pa ace architecture with free stand a bit ‘ sculpture ‘ the work commercially produced. Are neatly carved demons and mythical creatures decorate the pillars, door panels, liners, and window window in order to protect the building from the evil intruder t. Legendary figures placed in scenes of flowers or set a tone of more fun and educational. When producing the tools and objects for everyday use, the sculptor has a lot more hand free to choose the subject. With the arrival of European influences, wood carving began to develop along more innovative and commercial lines


Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah

The second stop on hot spring volcano tour is Goa Gajah Temple. Goa Gajah is one of Bali’s tourist destination visited by many visitors every day. In this place, we will find other ancient negligence as the ancient stone Idol, douche, Temple and others. The company has beautiful reliefs with the face turned to the left side. The word Goa Gajah anticipated derives from the word Lwa elephant, the name of a Buddhist temple or the hermitage of Buddhist monk. Goa Gajah found again in 1923 and in 1954 was back bathing pool in front of the cave followed by recovery


Tirta Empul


Built around a sacred spring Looks Siring. Perpect stop visiting this temple after visiting the volcano in Kintamani. For over a thousand years, Bali has been drawn to the worshippers of Pura Tirta Tample sacred spring is said to have been created by the senses and has curative property. The tradition continue almost unchanged at the temple today. More than 900 years old temple and two baths that have been used by people for health and prosperity due to the curative powers of the spring water. But the main attraction in Pura Tirta Tample rectangular ponds carved out of rock, filled with koi and fed by the sacred spring through fountain 12


Coffee Plantation


BBalinese Coffee Plantation or Bali Agrotourism, place to see various Tropical plantations such as coffee robusta, pineapple, Balinese snake fruite, plain Balinese potatoes, fruit stars, cacao, jack fruit, durian tree and many more.
Try and see how to make Balinese coffee in very traditional ways, and taste the fresh of Balinese coffee or ginger tea with green view river valley and also They sell variety of theirs original Balinese coffee products, herb oil and etc and see the civet cat the most expensive coffee maker, well-known as Luwak , its produce Coffee Luwak.”/p>


Kintamani Volcano


Kintamani is that the most favorite tourer destinations in island with the active volcano of mount Batur and delightful lake. Kintamani is encircled by the charming nature and there ar six ancient villages around caldron of Batur Lake that is commonly formed by island Age Village. The native folks from these island Age villages own the distinctive cultures, homes and life vogue.
Kintamani space is consisted of some Villages those ar Kedisan Village , Buahan, Abang, Trunyan, Songan, South Batur, Middle Batur, North Batur, Sukawana and Kintamani Village . the entirele|the full|the overall} of resident in these space ar concerning fifteen thousand who ar largely operating as farmer, merchant, or work industrial touristry


Natural Hot Spring Toyabungkah


Lying on the Western Bank of Lake Batur, a natural hot spring is a beautiful and unique natural hot water in Bali. It is only one healing spa in Bali, a long time ago villagers in the mountains often come to hot springs for the medical treatment.Water temperature of natural hot spring water is 50 degrees Celsius, the water flowing mineral water from an underground aquifer 637 meters below the surface. Water runs untouched direct from the source to the pond, which ranged between 37 degrees Celsius and 43 degrees Celsius. The therapeutic benefits of water are said to include the eradication of neuralgia, bruises, rheumatism, and stiffness of the shoulders, recovery from fatigue and increase fertility and muscular complaints.

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Visit Goa Gajah.
  • 11.30 pm
Tirta Empul.
  • 12.30 pm
Visit Coffe Plantation.

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Visit Kintamani and Lunch.
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Visit Natural Hot Spring
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